The Fennec Fox

MacawsThe world is splendid with the many beautiful animals that reveal the wonders of evolution. Some info will be provided reading each of the top seven most beautiful animals in the world. These creatures are likely to captivate your imagination. Whether for survival or formatting, this natural selection has endowed the creatures for the spectacular panoplies of color and unusual anatomical adaptations.


These are exotic birds that inhabit the rainforest of South America. Macaws belong to the Psittacidae family. They are very beautiful with the combination of their crimson red, bright yellow, orange, green grass and blue king colors. Most people have kept the Macaws as pets in their home. They are medium-sized but have large wings which help them attract attention when they spread. Macaws are very social and love to walk in groups. Perhaps they are the most beautiful birds in the air, and they’ll fascinate you when they fly on a group, drawing the form of a rainbow, an amazing thing.

The Fennec FoxThe Fennec Fox

It belongs to the Vulpes Zerda species and lives in North Africa. It can also be found in the Sahara. Fennec Fox has huge ears which can grow up to 15cm. The ears radiate heat away from the animal and also acts as a locator of subterranean prey. The fox is a nocturnal animal which hunts for birds, small mammals, and insects at night. Fennec can live up to 14 years. Their natural predator is the eagle owl.

Bengal TigerBengal Tiger

This tiger is a symbol of grandeur and strength. Tiger belongs to the Panthera Tigris species and is the largest, most eye-catching among the big cats. The Tigers can grow up to 3.3 meters and weight over 300 kilog4rammes. They can live for up to 26 years. The Bengal tiger is most popular and Siberian being the largest. The striped fur acts as camouflage when in the wooded areas and long grasses. Underneath their fur, the skin is stripped in the same pattern.  The White Bengal tiger is majestic in appearance, and anyone who sees it is left mouth wide open. It is not surprising that Bengal Tiger has been chosen as the main character in most of the Persian, Greek, and Chinese mythologies. The mystique and mystery in the Tigers will mesmerize you.  Due to the genetic mutations, tigers can be found in other colors, but the white Bengal is the most beautiful of them all.

Black Backed KingfisherBlack Backed Kingfisher

The kingfisher belongs to Ceyx erithaca species. The Black Backed Kingfisher is commonly found in India and Southeast Asia close to rivers and streams in the wooded areas. They eat insects, frogs, small lizards, snails and crabs by the riverside.

Zanzibar Red ColobusZanzibar Red Colobus

This is a monkey belonging to procolobus kirkii species. It is only found in Zanzibar, an island in Tanzania. The Zanzibar Red Colobus is an endangered species with less than 3000 left in the wild. The Tanzanian people have a negative view of the monkey and in fact, call them the poisonous monkey due to their unusual smell. The red colobus feed on flowers, leaves, and seeds found in swamps, forest, and coastal areas. They are also interesting as they feed on charcoal to help in digestion.

Albino peafowlAlbino peafowl

The white peacock is as white as snow. It looks like a painting giving a unique look.  It is a real supermodel and always posing to show off its beauty to everyone who passes before her.


The beauty of the dolphin goes beyond the bright physical appearance. The human has always liked the dolphins. Dolphin symbolizes joy, freedom, and spontaneity. If you see dolphins swimming and surfing through the waves, you get very excited. The dolphins are always smiling, and hence most people call them mood-boosting creatures. Their delightful appearance makes them very beautiful.

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