Deep Sea Creatures


The mesmerizing feeling of the warm sun rays, breaking through the waters vivid facades and leaning down into the tropical waters as it rebounds the glistening slakes of some of the most beautiful rare fish, it provides you with an experience that will stay on your mind for a very long period. Coloration in the animal kingdom is essential and plays various roles.  Among the many reasons, one is that it helps in attracting the opposite sex. Many of these sea creatures live deep in the sea and are difficult to find. Here is a list of the seven most beautiful deep sea creatures –


The mandarin fish

This fish is found in the western Pacific and measures up to 6cm long. The fish should not be confused with the Mandarin fish, a Chinese perch.  It is very famous for its intense coloration, beauty, and unusual shape. You will in most cases find mandarin in the Ryukyu Islands, south to Australia. They’ve been termed as the most beautiful and colorful fish in the world.

Atolla Atolla

This is a deep sea jellyfish. Atolla is famous for its burglar alarm. When the fish is attacked, it moves away making a brilliant light display which can go as far as 300feet. The scientists think that the fireworks are meant to attract something fiercer and larger.

Mantis ShrimpMantis Shrimp

These are the marine crustaceans of the order Stomatopoda. This fish appears in many colors, from bright neon to shades of brown. The fish is common among most predators in shallow, sub-tropical and tropical marine habitats. Although rare, large species of Mantis Shrimp can break through aquarium glass with their single strike.


TomopterisTomopteris is a genus of rather beautiful marine planktonic polychaetes.  A polychaete, this sea worm is among the few creatures that show yellow light. When disturbed, they release glowing sparks from their foot-like appendage. Some of the Tomopteris emit blue light known as the luminescence.

Christmas tree worm

Christmas tree worm

These worms are beautiful marine creatures distributed everywhere in the tropical oceans around the world. The Christmas worms have two bright color crowns. The plumes of the worm come in different colors such as orange, white, red and pink. The worms use the plumes for feeding.  The rest of the body lies in tube-form in a coral. The worms’ legs are protected within the tube.


Nudibranch is a member of taxonomic clade. The clade is usually referred to as sea slug. It is Nudibranchjelly bodied and is mostly found in the world ocean. The nudibranch consists of more than 3000 species. The mollusks are noticeable because of their striking color. Some of their specials change their color patterns to match that of the surrounding. Other species of the Nudibranch muse their bright light as a warning message.


ClownfishThis is one of the most beautiful fishes in the world. They are also known as anemonefishes since they can live freely without being attacked by the poisonous anemones. Their body color varies from yellow, red, orange with distinctive white stripes. The coloration of these fish makes them amongst the most recognizable reed-dwellers.

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