Seven Wonderful Birds of the World

A quick glimpse into the Red Data List or global conservation studies would help us comprehend the adversities that human activities and drastic changes in climatic conditions are posing at birds around the world. Although conservation efforts are under way to protect these threatened species, it will only depend on time whether our future generations will be fortunate enough to see these beautiful birds. Here are a few that are almost on the brink of extinction…

Least Tern Wonderful Bird

This yellow-billed bird prefers sandy beaches for nesting – places that are often frequented by human beings. Their eggs and chicks are also vulnerable to a host of predators such as dogs and cats, which usually spoil this endangered species’ eggs and chicks. It’s sighting spot is Northern America.

Crested Caracara Wonderful Bird

Said to be slow reproducers, residential and commercial activities, coupled with a shortage of food, have taken a toll on this carnivorous raptor. while traffic mortality also poses as a threat to it. Apparently, the nestlings of this falcon species also fall prey to fire ants. It sighting spot is Southern Texas and southern Florida.

Forest Owlet Wonderful Bird

Labeled as critically endangered in the Western Ghats of India, this chunky little owlet often succumbs to deforestation for expansion of agricultural land and habitat destruction. Apart from these, this species is also subject to superstitious beliefs and hunting. It’s Sighting spot is Central India.

Piping Plover Wonderful Bird

At risk of being extinct soon due to thoughtless human activities, this stocky shorebird got its name from bell-like whistles it makes before making an appearance. Rampant commercial and recreational developments mean there is barely any habitat available for the nesting and feeding of this migratory species. It’s sighting spot is along the Atlantic coast.

Great Indian Bustard Wonderful Bird

Poaching remains the biggest threat to this critically endangered species, while widespread agricultural expansion, mechanized farming, collisions with electric wires, vehicles on road as well as mining activities can also be blamed for their dwindling number. It’s sighting spot is India and Pakistan.

Black-Necked Grebe Wonderful Bird

Often praised for its excellent swimming and diving skills, this species is rapidly declining. It is particularly vulnerable to oil pollution, avian cholera, human disturbances (especially for recreational purposes) as well as hunting for the hat making industry. It’s sighting spot is almost every continent, except Australia and Antarctica.

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